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Bond Yields and Interest Rates

The following guide provides sources for bond yields and interest rates on a current, historical, and forecast basis. Each entry listed below includes the name of the source or publisher, a description of the resource and its primary features, and notes any information that is available free online.

Select from the following resources:

Federal Reserve Economic Data
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Comprehensive database provides current and historical bond yields and interest rates for a wide range of debt securities and instruments, with categories covered including certificates of deposit; commercial paper; corporate bonds; money market accounts; bank prime; Treasury bills, constant maturity, and inflation-indexed securities; and 30-year mortgages. All data is available free online.

Selected Interest Rates - Historical Data
Federal Reserve Statistical Release H.15

Historical data series provides current and historical bond yields and interest rates for selected debt instruments in an Excel spreadsheet format, with instruments covered including commercial paper; bank prime loan; Treasury bills, constant maturity, and inflation-indexed securities; corporate bonds; state and local bonds; interest rate swaps; and 30-year mortgages. All data is available free online.

Market Data Center - Bonds, Rates, and Credit Markets
The Wall Street Journal

Market Data Center section provides in-depth analysis of bond yields, interest rates, and other credit market data, with data available including bond and index benchmarks, mortgage and banking rates, Treasury bill, bond, and note yields including zero-coupon (STRIPS) securities and inflation-adjusted (TIPS) securities, and selected foreign government bond yields. All data can be viewed free online.

Livingston Survey
Research Department, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Semiannual survey summarizes forecasts for key economic indicators provided by economists from industry, government, and academia, with financial indicators covered in the survey including semi- annual end-of-period forecasts for the prime rate, 3-month Treasury bill rate, and 10-year Treasury note yield over the next two calendar years. Current and archived surveys are available free online.

Economic Outlook Update
Business Valuation Resources, LLC

Quarterly publication provides an overview of selected economic factors, with historical data series including selected Treasury bill, note, and bond yields, bank prime lending rate, federal funds rate, discount window primary credit rate, and selected corporate bond yields, and forecast data series including consensus forecasts for the 3-month Treasury bill rate and 10-year Treasury bond yield.

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