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ValuationResources.Comâ„¢ is a free online guide to business valuation resources, industry information, economic data, and more. Designed as a comprehensive reference guide for business appraisers, the site's audience encompasses a broad mix of business owners, professionals, educators, students, and other parties interested in business valuation and industry information.

A special feature of this site is our Industry Information Resources section which provides resource guides for over 400 industries. Individual guides for each of these industries list resources available from trade associations, research firms, and other sources which address subjects such as industry trends and statistics, financial statements and financial ratios, and compensation and salary surveys.

Select from the following page sections or scroll below for a complete listing of available guides:

BV Books and Publications

The following guides provide information on publications which focus on business valuation and related topics such as valuing intangible assets, determining lost profits and damages, and providing litigation support and expert witness services. Publications are organized by subject matter, with texts covering a broad range of valuation topics included under the "General Valuation Publications" subject heading.

Industry Resources

The following guides provide sources for industry analysis, trends, statistics, and forecasts, financial ratios and financial statements, and compensation and salary surveys for a wide range of industries, with information provided for each resource including the name of the source or publisher, a brief description of the resource and its primary features, and any information that is available free online.

For resource guides specific to a particular industry, see our index which lists resource guides for over 400 industries by category and SIC code, with categories covered including agriculture, fishing, and forestry; mining and construction; manufacturing; transportation and warehousing; communications; utilities; distribution; retail; finance and insurance; real estate; and personal and business services.

Economic Data

This section includes guides to economic analysis and forecasts and related financial and economic data; cost of living, consumer price index, and inflation data; bond yields and interest rates; cost of equity capital and related information such as equity risk premiums and size premiums; and royalty rates and license fees for intangible assets and intellectual property such as patents and trademarks.

Public Company Market Data

Public Company Market Data is a guide to online services which provide public company information, with topics covered including finding publicly-traded companies by SIC code, NAICS code, or market sector; company profiles and financial data; current and historical stock prices; earnings growth forecasts; investment research; and closed-end fund and real estate investment trust information.

M&A Transaction Data

M&A Transaction Data is a guide to publications, software, and online services which provide mergers and acquisitions transaction data for a wide range of industries, with the latter allowing users to search by SIC or NAICS code, business description, and other selected criteria for comparable transactions.

BV Multiples

BV Multiples is a guide to publications, software, and online services which provide valuation multiples derived from public and private company sales transactions for a wide range of industries, with the latter searchable by SIC or NAICS code, business description, and other criteria for comparable transactions.

Included in this guide is Small Business Valuation Multiples, 2018 Edition, which is a comprehensive reference guide that provides market-based valuation multiples by industry for small businesses in more than 200 industries, with a primary focus on small companies priced at less than $1 million.

BV Legal and Tax

BV Legal and Tax is a guide to publications and online services which focus on state and federal case law, regulations, and rulings dealing with valuation issues and related topics, with the latter allowing users to search for relevant court decisions by keyword, type of case, parties, judge, and jurisdiction.

More Resources

This section includes guides to business and industry article databases covering magazines, journals, newspapers, and other publications; trade association directories which are searchable by name, industry, location, and other selected criteria; professional certifications and designations; valuation career information and job opportunities; and searchable directories for appraisers and brokers.

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