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Direct Sales Companies – Industry Analysis, Statistics, Trends, and Forecasts

SIC 5963  |  NAICS 454390

The following guide to industry research and analysis provides sources for industry statistics, trends, and forecasts, financial ratios, salary surveys, and more.

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Industry Analysis, Statistics, Trends, and Forecasts

Direct Selling Companies  (view report)
Direct Selling of Jewelry & Accessories  (view report)
Comprehensive industry research reports provide in-depth industry analysis and five-year forecasts, with special focus on the underlying structure and external forces and relationships that affect industries and their performance. Topics addressed in the reports include:
Sample industry research report and selected industry statistics including market size, five-year average growth rate, number of businesses, and total employment are available free online.

Direct Selling News
DSN Magazine

Monthly publication features news and information for direct selling and network marketing executives, with topics covered in each issue including industry news, financial trends, business strategies, expert perspectives, and legal and regulatory developments, and special features including the annual "DSN Global 100 List" and "North America 50 List" reports which profile the top companies in the industry.

Information resources available from this trade association include:

Fact Sheet
Infographic presentation provides a summary overview of the industry, with topics covered in the fact sheet including total retail dollar volume over the last five years, percentage breakdown by marketing strategy (e.g., person-to-person, party plan, and other), retail market share by product category and geographic region, salesforce participation, and salesforce gender, ethnic, and racial demographics.

State of the Industry
Annual report provides a 360-degree view of the industry, with topics covered in the report including retail revenue growth in total and by company size, growth expectations for the next three years, market share by product category, salesforce participation and demographics, seller motivations, consumer perspectives and attitudes, impact of technology and social media, and strategic insights.

Growth & Outlook Survey
Annual survey measures the size and scope of the industry in the U.S., with topics covered in the survey including estimated total direct retail sales, growth rate by size of company, market share by product category and geographic region, sales by approach, number of employees and revenue per employee, number of direct sellers and annual percentage change, and salesforce demographics.

Information resources available from this trade association include:

Seller Report
Annual report provides statistical data on global direct sales in local currency and U.S. dollars by global region and country, and also includes information on the year-over-year change in sales from the prior year in constant U.S. dollars, three-year compound annual growth rate in constant U.S. dollars, and number of independent direct sellers located in each of the geographic markets included in the report.

Product Category Report
Annual report provides a percentage breakdown of current year global direct sales by product category for six geographic regions and more than 40 countries, with product categories covered in the report including clothing, accessories, cosmetics, personal care products, home care products, household goods, wellness products, food and beverages, home improvement, utilities, and financial services.

Euromonitor International
Direct Selling in the U.S.

Market research study provides a summary analysis of this non-store retail sector in the context of the overall retail market, with information provided in the study including historical and forecast retail dollar volume by product category (e.g., beauty and personal care products, apparel, consumer healthcare products, food and beverages, home care products, home furnishings, and personal accessories).

Market Analysis

Market analysis report provides industry statistics for a user-defined area on a national, state, county, metro area, or zip code level, with data provided including number of companies, market volume and sales trends, average company sales, sales per employee, staffing and employment trends, average employee wage, and business start up activity and failure rates. Sample report can be viewed online.

More Resources
For more industry research reports and other resources, see the following resource guide.

Financial Statements and Financial Ratios

Industry Financial Ratios
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Five-year financial statement analysis reports provide income statements, balance sheets, and key industry financial ratios for companies of all sizes, with financial data available by sales size range on a national, state, and metropolitan area level including:
Sample reports on a national and metropolitan area level are available free online.

DataTracker Service

Quarterly survey allows users to compare their firm with other participating firms in terms of net sales, number of new recruits, average order size, and number of orders processed for the current quarter and on a year-to-date basis, with data broken out by annual sales volume (>$1M, $1-10M, $10-100M, $100-250M, $250M+), approach (person-to-person, party plan), company age, and product category.

Compensation and Salary Surveys

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Direct Selling Establishments

Annual wage survey provides hourly and annual wage data for personnel employed in this retail sector on a national, state, and metropolitan area basis, with sales activities covered in the survey including door-to-door/person-to-person sales in a customer's home or workplace, party plan or group sales merchandising, temporary stands or stalls, and non-food street vendors and other mobile vendors.

Management Compensation and Benefits Report

Annual compensation survey provides base salary, bonus, long-term incentive, and total compensation data for executive, management, and selected professional positions in the direct sales industry, with compensation data broken out by company size, compensation structure (e.g., single level, multi-level) sales approach (e.g., person-to-person, party plan/group sales, combination/other), and product type.

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