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Oil, Gas & Fuel Distributors – Industry Analysis, Statistics, Trends, and Forecasts

SIC 5172  |  NAICS 4247

This free online guide to industry research and analysis provides sources for industry statistics, trends, and forecasts, financial ratios, salary surveys, and more.

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Industry Analysis, Statistics, Trends, and Forecasts

Industry Research Reports
Gasoline & Petroleum Bulk Stations  (view report)
Gasoline & Petroleum Wholesaling  (view report)
Comprehensive industry research reports provide in-depth industry analysis and five-year forecasts, with special focus on the underlying structure and external forces and relationships that affect industries and their performance. Topics addressed in the reports include:
Sample industry research report and selected industry statistics including market size, five-year average growth rate, number of businesses, and total employment are available free online.

FMN Media, LLC
FMN Magazine

Online magazine and quarterly print publication feature news and information for petroleum products distributors and retailers, with content section topics in each issue including fuels and supplies, retail operations, wholesale operations, business management, fleet operations, and terminals and storage. Selected articles from current and prior issues and quarterly digital editions are available free online.

Penton Media
Bulk Transporter Magazine

Monthly trade magazine features news and information for bulk liquid shippers, transporters, and storage operators, with topics covered in various issues including fleet management, regulations, hazardous material safety, environmental trends, technological developments, and transportation equipment. Articles from current and prior issues of the magazine can be viewed free online.

Energy Marketers of America
Publications available from this trade association include:

EMA Weekly Review
Weekly newsletter provides updates on national industry issues for petroleum products distributors and retailers, with a primary focus on environmental, regulatory, and legislative issues which affect their business and its operations. Current issue of the newsletter can be viewed free online.

EMA Journal
Quarterly magazine features news and information for petroleum products distributors and retailers, with topics covered in each issue including fuels and fueling, store operations, equipment, and legal and regulatory matters. Current and prior digital editions of the magazine can be viewed free online.

Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America
Statistical Report

Annual member survey provides a profile of the motor fuel marketing industry from an independent operators standpoint, with topics covered in the survey including source of motor fuels; class, type, and number of retail outlets supplied; fleet or end user accounts serviced; and fuel sales by type, brand, and grade. Current and prior survey reports can be downloaded and viewed free online.

Oil Price Information Service, LLC
Publications available from this organization include:

Special Reports
Special reports available from this comprehensive source for petroleum products news and pricing data include the monthly "OPIS Transportation Fuel Index", which provides wholesale and retail pricing statistics for gasoline and diesel on a national and regional basis, and the annual "Outlook Forecast", which addresses prospects for the year ahead. Both reports are available free online.

Outlook Forecast
Annual special report provides commentary and analysis with regard to the prospective outlook for petroleum and refined products (e.g., gasoline, diesel fuel) in the year ahead, with topics covered in the report including trends to watch for, crude oil field production, refinery production and margins, and gasoline and diesel fuel prices and margins and their impact on fuel distributors and retailers.

BizMiner Market Analysis Reports
Oil, Gas, and Fuel Distributors  Search for "4247" to see available reports

Market analysis reports provide industry statistics for a user-defined area on a national, state, county, metro area, or zip code level, with data provided including number of companies, market volume and sales trends, average company sales, sales per employee, staffing and employment trends, average employee wage, and business start up activity and failure rates. Sample report can be viewed online.

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Financial Statements and Financial Ratios

BizMiner Industry Financial Ratios
Oil, Gas, and Fuel Distributors  Search for "4247" to see available reports
Five-year financial statement analysis reports provide income statements, balance sheets, and key industry financial ratios for companies of all sizes, with financial data available by sales size range on a national, state, and metropolitan area level including:
Sample financial statement and ratio analysis report is available free online.

Industry Research Reports
Gasoline & Petroleum Wholesaling
(see links for individual reports)  (sample spreadsheet)

Financial benchmarks section provides detailed comparative income statements and balance sheets and over twenty-five industry financial ratios, with financial benchmarks available for each of the five most recent fiscal years and on a historical average basis for three-year, five-year, and ten-year time periods. Sample spreadsheet that includes breakdowns by total asset size can be viewed free online.

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Compensation and Salary Surveys

International Liquid Terminals Association
ILTA Compensation & Benefits Survey

Annual compensation survey provides base salary, bonus/incentive, and total compensation data for executive, management, and operations personnel employed by bulk liquid terminals that store petroleum products and other commodities, with survey data broken out by annual gross revenue, total barrels of capacity, total number of storage tanks, and average number of FTE employees.

PayScale, Inc.
Oil and Gas Distributors

Free online service provides median salary and hourly wage data for selected job positions such as operations manager, outside sales representative, customer service representative, and fuel truck driver for firms which distribute oil and gas products from storage facilities and terminals to truck stops, gas stations, convenience stores, warehouses, and other retail and wholesale customers.

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BV Guides and Databases

Private Company Sales Transaction Databases
Free "Visitor Search" allows users to search the DealStats, BIZCOMPS, and FactSet/BVR databases for private company sales transaction data by SIC or NAICS Code using the following codes:
  SIC Code 5172 - Petroleum and Petroleum Products Wholesalers
  NAICS Code 4247 - Petroleum and Petroleum Products Merchant Wholesalers
Types of establishments included in these codes
Gasoline distributors - establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of gasoline and gasoline blended with ethanol (e.g., E10, which is 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline) used in internal combustion engines for vehicles and equipment.
Diesel distributors - establishments with a primary focus on the wholesale distribution of diesel fuel, ultra-low sulfur diesel, and diesel exhaust fluid, which are commonly used in diesel engines for trucks, buses, ships, boats, generators, and other heavy equipment.
Biofuels distributors - establishments that specialize in the distribution of biofuels, which are renewable fuels derived from biological sources, such as ethanol made from corn or sugarcane and biodiesel made from vegetable oils, animal fats, or restaurant greases.
Fuel oil distributors - establishments primarily engaged in the distribution of No. 2 fuel oil used as heating oil for residential, commercial, and industrial customers, and Nos. 4, 5, and 6 fuel oils utilized in commercial and industrial high-capacity boilers and furnaces.
Kerosene wholesalers - establishments involved in wholesale distribution of kerosene, a flammable hydrocarbon liquid commonly used as a fuel (Grades 1-K and 2-K) for lamps, stoves, and heaters, and jet fuel (Jet A-1) for turbine-powered engines used in aircraft.
Liquified petroleum gas wholesalers - establishments that specialize in the distribution of liquefied petroleum gas, which consists of propane, butane, and small amounts of other hydrocarbon gases, and is commonly used for heating, cooking, and fueling vehicles.
Propane wholesalers - establishments that are primarily engaged in distributing propane, which is a type of liquefied petroleum gas used for a variety of applications, from home heating and cooking to industrial processes and powering forklifts and other vehicles.
Lubricating oils and greases wholesalers - establishments engaged in the distribution of lubricating oils, such as engine, hydraulic, gear, or compressor oils, transmission fluids, lubricating greases, marine, industrial, or specialized lubricants, and various additives.
Sample reports with detailed sales transaction data and valuation multiples are available free online.

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