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Chemical Distributors – Industry Analysis, Statistics, Trends, and Forecasts

SIC 5169  |  NAICS 424690

The following guide to industry research and analysis provides sources for industry statistics, trends, and forecasts, financial ratios, salary surveys, and more.

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Industry Analysis, Statistics, Trends, and Forecasts

Chemical Wholesalers  (view report)
Chemical Manufacturing  (view report)
Comprehensive industry research reports provide in-depth industry analysis and five-year forecasts, with special focus on the underlying structure and external forces and relationships that affect industries and their performance. Topics addressed in the reports include:
Sample industry research report and selected industry statistics including market size, five-year average growth rate, number of businesses, and total employment are available free online.

National Association of Chemical Distributors
Chemical Distributor Magazine

Quarterly trade journal features news and information for chemical distributors and their supply chain partners, with topics covered in various issues including general business matters, market pressures, key customer segments, government programs, and legislative and regulatory matters. Publication is available to NACD members/affiliates only; limited preview of the latest issue is available free online.

Reed Business Information Limited
The ICIS Top 100 Distributors

Annual special report published in "ICIS Chemical Business" magazine ranks the top 100 distributors by annual sales revenues on a global basis and also includes regional distributor rankings by annual sales revenues for North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. Current and prior year special report issues can be downloaded and viewed free online with user registration.

Research reports available from this organization include:

Global Third-Party Chemical Distribution Market
Market research report analyzes the third-party distribution market on a global basis, with information provided including market size and forecast by category (e.g., commodity, specialty) and region (e.g., APAC, Americas, and EMEA) and firms profiled including Azelis S.A., Brenntag AG, Helm AG, IMCD N.V., Nexeo Solutions, Inc., and Univar Inc. Snapshot and table of contents are available free online.

Global Specialty Chemicals Market
Comprehensive study provides a detailed analysis of the specialty chemicals market on a global and regional basis, with information provided in the report including market size and forecast by end-user product segment (e.g., adhesive/sealants, agrichemicals, polymer/plastics, construction, electronics, industrial/institutional cleaners, food additives, surfactants, specialty coatings, and lubricant/oil field).

Grand View Research
Chemical Distribution

Market research report provides an in-depth analysis of the market for this product sector in the U.S. and other countries, with data provided including market size and forecast by type (e.g., commodity, specialty), product (e.g., CASE, agrochemicals, polymers/resins, plastics, and explosives), and end- use (e.g., transportation, agriculture, construction, industrial products, consumer goods, and textiles).

Global Info Research
Global Third-Party Chemical Distribution

Comprehensive report provides an in-depth analysis of the third-party distribution market on a global basis, with information provided in the study including market size and forecast by type (e.g., mixing, manufacturing, technical/safety training, packaging, and waste removal), applications (e.g. end user, secondary distributors), and geographic region or country (e.g., United States, Canada, and Mexico).

Market Analysis

Market analysis report provides industry statistics for a user-defined area on a national, state, county, metro area, or zip code level, with data provided including number of companies, market volume and sales trends, average company sales, sales per employee, staffing and employment trends, average employee wage, and business start up activity and failure rates. Sample report can be viewed online.

More Resources
For more industry research reports and other resources, see the following resource guide.

Financial Statements and Financial Ratios

Industry Financial Ratios
Chemical Suppliers and Distributors  Search for "424690"
Five-year financial statement analysis reports provide income statements, balance sheets, and key industry financial ratios for companies of all sizes, with financial data available by sales size range on a national, state, and metropolitan area level including:
Sample reports on a national and metropolitan area level are available free online.

Chemical Wholesaling
(see links for individual reports)

Financial benchmarking section of this report provides an analysis of industry income and expenses as a percentage of annual revenues for wholesalers that distribute products such as industrial gases (e.g., nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and helium), acids, automotive chemicals, alkali and chlorine products, detergent and soaps, biofuels (e.g., ethanol, methanol, and gasohol), and other chemicals.

Compensation and Salary Surveys

PayScale, Inc.
Compensation data available from this organization includes:

Industrial Chemicals - Wholesale
Free online service provides salary, bonus, and hourly wage data for job positions in this sector such as regional sales manager, account manager, process engineer, lab technician, office manager, and customer service representative, with distributors for which salary or wage data is provided including Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., BASF Corporation, Brenntag AG, Ecolab Inc., and Univar USA Inc.

Chemicals - Wholesale
Free online service provides salary, bonus, and hourly wage data for job positions in this sector such as operations manager, logistics manager, warehouse manager, material handler, and delivery truck driver, with distributors for which salary or hourly wage data is provided including Dow Chemical Co., Airgas Inc., NCH Corporation, Nexeo Solutions, Inc., PHT International Inc., and Sigma-Aldrich Corp.

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