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Truck Engine & Parts Distributors – Industry Research, Analysis, Statistics, and Forecasts

SIC 501  |  NAICS 4231

This free online guide to industry research and analysis provides sources for industry statistics, trends, and forecasts, financial ratios, salary surveys, and more.

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Industry Analysis, Statistics, Trends, and Forecasts

Industry Research Reports
Diesel Engine & Parts Distributors  (view report)
Heavy Duty Truck Parts Dealers  (view report)
Comprehensive industry research reports provide in-depth industry analysis and five-year forecasts, with special focus on the underlying structure and external forces and relationships that affect industries and their performance. Topics addressed in the reports include:
Sample report and selected industry statistics including market size, five-year average growth rate, number of businesses, and total employment are available free online.

Randall-Reilly Publishing
Trucks, Parts, Service

Online news source features news and information for the medium and heavy duty truck aftermarket, with special reports including the "State of the Industry" series which includes survey responses from parts distributors on topics such as prior calendar year's comparative performance, planned changes in product offerings, state of supplier relationships, and overall sales expectations for the year ahead.

Freedonia Group
North American Medium & Heavy Duty Truck Aftermarket

Comprehensive study analyzes medium and heavy duty truck component aftermarket demand at the  manufacturer level, with information provided including historical and forecast demand in U.S. dollars by product category (e.g., exterior and structural, mechanical, and electrical and electronic products), service provider (e.g., in-house, outsourced), and country (e.g., United States, Canada, and Mexico).

MacKay & Company
Resources available from this organization include:

Aftermarket Index
Monthly report provides information on activity in the components aftermarket for medium and heavy duty trucks, buses, and trailers, with sales information reported on a monthly, quarterly, year-to-date, moving average, and rolling 12-month basis by geographic market (e.g., U.S., Canada, and Mexico) and channel (e.g., original equipment supplier, independent). Sample index report is available online.

DataMac® Truck
Subscription service provides detailed data on the aftermarket for commercial trucks (Classes 6 - 8), trailers, and container chassis, with U.S. reports bundled as part of the service including the monthly "DataPulse Plus" and quarterly "DataPulse" reports and the annual "United States Heavy Duty Parts Aftermarket Monitor and Forecast Service" report. Sample reports for the U.S. can be viewed online.

On-Highway E-Commerce Parts Purchasing Study
E-commerce study examines the online purchasing patterns of medium- and heavy-duty commercial truck fleets, with topics addressed in the study including profile of the online customer, product types most frequently purchased, distribution channels offering online ordering and fleets' rationale for use, online purchasing from the fleet operator's perspective, and impacts on current distribution channels.

Frost & Sullivan
Top 10 Trends in North American Medium- and Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket

Strategic market insights report examines trends in the medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicle aftermarket, with topics covered in the report including aging vehicle population, technician shortage, right to repair legislation, CSA program opportunities, remanufacturing growth, performance of OEM private labels, fleet focus on total cost of ownership, and connected vehicles impact on maintenance.

BizMiner Market Analysis Reports
Truck Parts & Equipment Distributors  Search for "423120" to see available reports

Market analysis reports provide industry statistics for a user-defined area on a national, state, county, metro area, or zip code level, with data provided including number of companies, market volume and sales trends, average company sales, sales per employee, staffing and employment trends, average employee wage, and business start up activity and failure rates. Sample report can be viewed online.

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Financial Statements and Financial Ratios

BizMiner Industry Financial Ratios
Truck Parts & Equipment Distributors  Search for "423120" to see available reports
Five-year financial statement analysis reports provide income statements, balance sheets, and key industry financial ratios for companies of all sizes, with financial data available by sales size range on a national, state, and metropolitan area level including:
Sample financial statement and ratio analysis report is available free online.

Industry Research Reports
Diesel Engine & Parts Distributors
(see links for individual reports)  (sample spreadsheet)

Key statistics section of these reports provides detailed income statements and balance sheets on a common-size basis and over twenty-five industry financial ratios, with financial ratios provided for the each of the four most recent calendar years and on a historical average basis for 3-year, 5-year, and 10-year time periods. Sample spreadsheet with breakdowns by asset size can be viewed free online.

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Compensation and Salary Surveys

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Motor Vehicle Parts Distributors

Annual wage survey provides hourly and annual wage data on a national, state, and local area basis for personnel employed in this sector which includes companies that distribute parts and supplies for medium- and heavy-duty trucks including diesel engines, clutches, transmissions, differentials, brake components, batteries, lighting equipment, auxiliary power units, and electronic controls and sensors.

PayScale, Inc.
Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealer

Free online service provides salary, bonus, and hourly wage data for job positions in this sector such as warranty administrator, parts manager, parts counterman, diesel technician, and diesel mechanic, with employers for which salary or wage data is provided including Peterbilt Motors Company, M & K Quality Truck Sales, Kenworth Sales Company Inc., Nextran Corporation, and Rush Enterprises, Inc.

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BV Guides and Databases

Private Company Sales Transaction Databases
Free "Visitor Search" allows users to search the DealStats, BIZCOMPS, and FactSet/BVR databases for private company sales transaction data by SIC or NAICS Code using the following codes:
  SIC Code 501 - Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts
  NAICS Code 4231 - Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Parts and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
Types of establishments included in these codes
Truck chassis distributors - establishments primarily engaged in distributing commercial truck chassis to truck manufacturers, body builders, and dealerships for use in building specialized vehicles such as delivery vans, utility trucks, wreckers, and cement mixers.
Truck body distributors - establishments primarily involved in distributing bodies that are designed for specific applications in various industries, including flatbed, dump, tanker, refrigerated, cement mixer, refuse collection, and other specialized vocational bodies.
Truck engine distributors - establishments with a primary focus on distributing engines to repair shops, fleet operators, and other businesses that handle a variety of engines from various manufacturers and offer options for different vehicle models and specifications.
Truck parts distributors - establishments involved in distributing new and used parts and components ranging from major components like transmissions to small parts such as filters and brake pads, catering to the needs of repair shops and trucking companies.
Truck equipment wholesalers - establishments operating on a wholesale basis that focus on distributing specialized equipment for commercial trucks, such as refrigeration units, lift gates, and cargo handling systems, to truck equipment dealers and other retailers.
Truck equipment dealers - establishments offering a range of specialized equipment and accessories that complement and enhance the functionality of commercial trucks, such as hydraulic systems, liftgates, cranes, hoists, winches, tool boxes, and ladder racks.
Truck parts jobbers - establishments that purchase parts from manufacturers and larger distributors and distribute them to retail stores, repair shops, fleet operators, and other businesses, with their operational focus being on business-to-business transactions.
Truck accessories wholesalers - establishments engaged in the wholesale distribution of accessories and add-ons for commercial trucks, including bed liners, toolboxes, cargo straps, and safety equipment, that enhance a vehicle's functionality and appearance.
Sample reports with detailed sales transaction data and valuation multiples are available free online.

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