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Iron & Steel Mills – Industry Research, Analysis, Statistics, and Forecasts

SIC 331  |  NAICS 331110

This free online guide to industry research and analysis provides sources for industry statistics, trends, and forecasts, financial ratios, salary surveys, and more.

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Industry Analysis, Statistics, Trends, and Forecasts

Industry Research Reports
Iron & Steel Manufacturing  (view report)
Steel Rolling & Drawing  (view report)
Comprehensive industry research reports provide in-depth industry analysis and five-year forecasts, with special focus on the underlying structure and external forces and relationships that affect industries and their performance. Topics addressed in the reports include:
Sample report and selected industry statistics including market size, five-year average growth rate, number of businesses, and total employment are available free online.

Annual Statistical Report

Annual reference publication provides an extensive selection of current and historical statistical data for the U.S. steel industry and selected statistical data for Canada, Mexico, and North America as a whole, with information provided in the report including production, capability utilization, imports and exports, apparent supply, employment, and shipments by product and market over a 10-year period.

Publications available from this trade association include:

World Steel in Figures
Annual publication provides a statistical overview of the industry on a global and regional basis, with data provided in the report including world production, top steelmaking companies, major producing countries, continuously-cast output, production and apparent use by region, exports and imports by region and country, and raw materials production and trade activities. Report is available free online.

Short Range Outlook
Semiannual report forecasts finished steel products demand in metric tons by world region, selected market (e.g., world excluding China, developed economies, and emerging and developed economies excluding China), and for the top ten consuming countries, with the forecast periods for the April and October editions extending through the end of the next calendar year. Report is available free online.

Statistical Yearbook
Comprehensive publication provides detailed statistical data for the industry on a global and regional basis, with data provided in this publication including crude steel production by product and process, production of semi-finished and finished products, exports and imports of semi-finished and finished products, and apparent use of crude steel and finished products. Publication is available free online.

Freedonia Group
Steel Mill Products: United States

Freedonia Focus research report analyzes market demand and shipments at the manufacturer level, with data provided in the report including historical demand and forecasts by product (e.g., hot-rolled  and cold-rolled sheet, hot-dipped galvanized sheets and strips, bars, plates, heavy structural shapes, and pipes and tubing) and market (e.g., metal service center, construction, motor vehicle, and other).

GIA Research
Steel - A Global Strategic Business Report

Comprehensive market research report provides a detailed analysis of this product sector in the U.S. and selected other countries, with information provided in this report including historical and forecast annual consumption of finished steel in metric tons by end-use market segment (e.g., transportation, construction, machinery, household appliances, metal goods, and other end-use market segments).

BizMiner Market Analysis Reports
Iron and Steel Mills  Search for "331110" to see available reports

Market analysis reports provide industry statistics for a user-defined area on a national, state, county, metro area, or zip code level, with data provided including number of companies, market volume and sales trends, average company sales, sales per employee, staffing and employment trends, average employee wage, and business start up activity and failure rates. Sample report can be viewed online.

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Financial Statements and Financial Ratios

BizMiner Industry Financial Ratios
Iron and Steel Mills  Search for "331110" to see available reports
Five-year financial statement analysis reports provide income statements, balance sheets, and key industry financial ratios for companies of all sizes, with financial data available by sales size range on a national, state, and metropolitan area level including:
Sample financial statement and ratio analysis report is available free online.

Industry Research Reports
Iron & Steel Manufacturing, Rolling, and Drawing
(see links for individual reports)  (sample spreadsheet)

Key statistics section of these reports provides detailed income statements and balance sheets on a common-size basis and over twenty-five industry financial ratios, with financial ratios provided for the each of the four most recent calendar years and on a historical average basis for 3-year, 5-year, and 10-year time periods. Sample spreadsheet with breakdowns by asset size can be viewed free online.

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Compensation and Salary Surveys

PayScale, Inc.
Steel Manufacturing

Free online service provides salary, bonus, and hourly wage data for job positions in this sector such as operations manager, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, process engineer, crane operator, production supervisor, production operator, millwright, and welder, with employers for which this data is provided including ArcelorMittal USA LLC, Gerdau Ameristeel Corporation, and Nucor Corporation.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Iron, Steel, and Ferroalloy Manufacturing

Annual wage survey provides hourly and annual wage data on a national, state, and local area basis for personnel employed by companies that manufacture products such as ingots and semi-finished shapes, hot-rolled sheets and strips, cold-rolled sheets and strips, hot-rolled bars and shapes, cold finished bars and shapes, and pipes, tubing, and well casings. All information is available free online.

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BV Guides and Databases

Private Company Sales Transaction Databases
Free "Visitor Search" allows users to search the DealStats, BIZCOMPS, and FactSet/BVR databases for private company sales transaction data by SIC or NAICS Code using the following codes:
  SIC Code 331 - Steel Works, Blast Furnaces, And Rolling And Finishing Mills
  NAICS Code 331110 - Iron and Steel Mills and Ferroalloy Manufacturing
Types of establishments included in these codes
Sponge iron manufacturers - establishments that use a process called direct reduction to convert iron ore into a metallic iron product without the need for smelting. This process involves heating the iron ore with a reducing agent, such as natural gas or coal, in a reactor at temperatures below the melting point of iron.
Pig iron producers - establishments that produce pig iron, which is the intermediate product produced from smelting iron ore in a blast furnace. The pig iron can be sold in molten or solid form, and is used as a raw material for steel production.
Steel mills - establishments that refine pig iron into steel by removing impurities and adjusting the carbon content. This is done through various methods, including the basic oxygen process, electric arc furnaces, and open-hearth furnaces.
Structural products manufacturing - establishments that manufacture structural products, including bars, plates, rods, sheets, strips, and wires. These products are often used in construction, manufacturing, and other industries.
Pipe and tube mills - establishments that manufacture pipes and tubes using a variety of methods, including welding, extrusion, and casting. These pipes and tubes are used in a range of applications, including construction, transportation, and energy production.
Wire drawing and fabricating mills - establishments that manufacture wire by drawing hot rolled steel wire rods through a series of dies and fabricate wire into various shapes and sizes for use in a range of applications.
Electrometallurgical ferroalloys production - establishments that produce ferroalloys, which are alloys of iron and other metals that are used as raw materials in the production of steel. These include alloys such as ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, and ferrochrome, which are produced through an electrometallurgical process.
Sample reports with detailed sales transaction data and valuation multiples are available free online.

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