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The following guide provides information on books and publications which focus on the valuation of professional practices. Each entry listed below includes the name of the source or publisher, a brief description of the resource and its features, and notes any information that is available free online.

Select from the following resources:

Valuing Professional Practices and Licenses: A Guide for the Matrimonial Practitioner
Ronald L. Brown (Editor), Wolters Kluwer, updated annually

Comprehensive valuation guide contains over 45 chapters focused on valuing professional practices, degrees, and licenses for divorce purposes, with professions covered in the guide including attorneys, accountants, architects, engineers, physicians, and dentists. Detailed table of contents, section index, selected excerpts, and searchable text can be viewed free online using the "Google Preview" feature.

Goodwill Registry
The Health Care Group, updated annually

The Goodwill Registry compiles transaction data on the intangible values of medical, dental, and other healthcare practices. Data provided for each transaction includes geographic region, valuation reason, valuation methods, gross revenue, overhead percentage, practice price, and goodwill value. Individual specialty reports are also available for purchase in the "Goodwill Registry Online by Specialty" section.

Valuing Accounting Practices
Reilly, Schweihs, Wiley, 1997

Comprehensive text provides in-depth guidance on valuing accounting practices and partial ownership interests in these practices, with topics addressed in this guide including purpose and objective of an appraisal, data gathering and due diligence, income, market, and asset-based approaches, identifying and quantifying discounts and premiums, reaching a conclusion, and special practice valuation topics.

The ADA Practical Guide to Valuing a Practice: A Manual For Dentists

Publication discusses valuation issues and methods and other factors which affect the valuation of a dental practice, with topics covered in individual chapters including critical valuation issues, valuation methods, factors complicating the valuation process, buying versus starting a practice, preparing for a sale and using advisors, and legal and tax issues. Detailed table of contents can be viewed online.

Valuation of a Medical Practice
Tinsley, Sides, Anderson, Wiley, 1999
Text addresses regulatory issues and other special issues which affect the valuation of a medical practice with separate chapters focused on capitalization rates, valuation methods, completing the appraisal process, and sample reports. Table of contents, index, and searchable text available free online.

Medical Practice Valuation Guidebook
Mark Dietrich, Windsor Professional Information
Comprehensive guidebook to medical practice valuation covers a wide range of topics including understanding physician revenue and compensation, choosing and using the right valuation methods, dealing with special situations and circumstances, sample report, and more. Detailed table of contents is available free online.

BVR's Guide to Physician Practice Valuation
Business Valuation Resources, LLC, updated annually
Topics covered include guidance on valuation methods to use, the impact of supply and demand on value, medical accounts receivable, benchmarking practice performance and physician compensation, and more. Detailed table of contents can be viewed free online.

Assessing the Value of the Medical Practice
John P. Reiboldt, American Medical Association, 2004
Topics covered include the valuation process, methods, and guidelines, managing the appraiser-client relationship, regulatory issues in valuing health care entities, and maximizing the value of a medical practice.

Valuation Survey of A/E/P & Environmental Consulting Firms
ZweigWhite LLC, updated annually

Annual valuation survey based on over 200 actual valuations provides six different valuation measures (e.g., TIC value per employee, TIC value/revenue, TIC value/backlog, TIC value/EBITDA, equity value/ profit and equity value/book value) for these firms in a comparative format by staff size, firm type, year founded, region of headquarters, growth rate, reason for valuation, and party conducting the valuation.

Merger & Acquisition Survey of A/E/P & Environmental Consulting Firms
ZweigWhite LLC, updated annually

Annual survey provides information on mergers and acquisitions of architectural, engineering, planning, and environmental consulting firms, with data analyzed by firm type, year founded, home office region, legal form of ownership, annual net service revenue, types of work performed, total employees, annual growth rate, and firm profitability. Survey description and detailed table of contents are available online.

A/E Valuation Survey
PSMJ Resources, Inc., updated annually

Valuation survey is based on over 100 valuations performed by PSMJ professionals over the previous five years, with topics covered in the report including key factors to consider when valuing a business, valuation and risk, adjustments and benchmarking, selecting appropriate valuation multiples based on gross revenue, earnings, book value, total employment, and other factors, and valuation case studies.

Valuation of Veterinary Practices
American Animal Hospital Association, Monheiser

Comprehensive guide provides insights into valuation theory and practice for both current owners and potential buyers, with topics covered in this guide including the valuation process and what to expect, choosing an appraiser and how to effectively work with one, how the purpose of the valuation impacts the choice of methods used, the valuation process in-depth, and what to look for in a valuation report.

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