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Lost Profits and Damages

The following guide provides information on books and publications which focus on lost profits and damages. Each entry listed below includes the name of the source or publisher, a brief description of the resource and its primary features, and indicates any information that is available free online.

Select from the following resources:

Recovery of Damages for Lost Profits, Sixth Edition
Dunn, Lawpress Corporation, 2005, annual supplemental updates

Two-volume hardbound publication provides in-depth analysis of all relevant federal and state cases, with content sections including legal principles governing recovery, recovery in contract litigation and tort litigation, recovering lost profits of an unestablished business, standard of proof and inadmissible evidence, calculation of lost profit damages, and how to prove and not to prove lost profits damages.

Measuring Business Interruption Losses and Other Commercial Damages
Gaughan, Wiley, 2009

Comprehensive volume provides detailed guidance on how to measure business interruption losses and other commercial damages, with topics addressed in this guide including economic and industry analysis, projecting lost revenues, cost analysis and profitability, time value of money considerations, economics of punitive damages, and intellectual property, securities-related, and antitrust damages.

The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages
Business Valuation Resources, LLC

Two-volume set provides in-depth information on the different types of damages and how to calculate them, with topics covered in this set including expert witness testimony in the U.S. courts, lost profits damages, intellectual property damages, the unjust enrichment remedy, personal injury and wrongful termination damages, and other commercial damages. Detailed table of contents is available online.

Litigation Services Handbook: The Role of the Financial Expert
Weil, Frank, et al., Wiley, 4th Edition, 2007, annual updates

Resource guide covers various aspects of litigation services from a financial expert's standpoint, with topics covered in individual chapters including valuing losses in new businesses, construction claims, business interruption insurance claims, disputes in mergers and acquisition transactions, quantifying real estate litigation damages, and patent infringement and non-patent intellectual property damages.

PPC Guide to Litigation Support Services
Practitioners Publishing Company, annual

Three-volume set provides guidance and tools to assist users in providing litigation support services, with topics covered in individual chapters including administering the practice, practice engagement trends and tools, lost profits analyses, damages involving individuals, intellectual property damages, professional liability claims against accountants, insurance claims, and present value of damages.

Determining Economic Damages
Stephenson, Macpherson, Martin, James Publishing, updated annually

Comprehensive guide to determining personal injury and wrongful death damages includes sections on how to determine past and future earnings losses, value employer-paid fringe benefits, adjust for personal consumption and income taxes, value household and other non-work services, determine loss period duration based on life and worklife expectancy, and calculate present value of damages.

Intellectual Property Damages: Guidelines and Analysis
Glick, Reymann, Hoffman, Wiley, 2002

Expert guide provides detailed information on how to determine intellectual property damages, with topics covered in this text including legal, economic, and financial principles involved in intellectual property damages, patent infringement damages, copyright, trademark, and trade secret damages, and calculating damages using lost profits, a reasonable royalty, or a combination of both methods.

Economic Damages In Intellectual Property: A Hands-On Guide To Litigation
Slottje, Wiley, 2006.

Comprehensive text provides key insights on quantifying intellectual property damages for litigation purposes, with topics addressed in this guide including legal and economic aspects of determining patent infringement damages, economic considerations in determining copyright, trademark, and trade secrets damages, and using lost profits and reasonable royalties as measures of damages.

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