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The following guide provides information on books and publications which focus on litigation support services and related topics. Each entry below includes the name of the source or publisher, a brief description of the resource and its features, and notes any information that is available free online.

Select from the following resources:

Litigation Services Handbook: The Role of the Financial Expert
Weil, Lentz, et al., Wiley, 6th Edition, 2017, annual updates

Comprehensive guide covers various aspects of litigation-related services from a financial expert's standpoint, with topics covered including the litigation environment, developing a damages analysis, litigation tools and techniques, ancillary issues in damages matters, civil litigation, criminal matters, and family law. Detailed table of contents can be viewed online via Amazon's "Look Inside" feature.

PPC Guide to Litigation Support Services
Practitioners Publishing Company, annual

Three-volume set provides specialized guidance and tools to assist users in providing these services, with services covered in this guide including damages claims, lost profit analyses, personal injury and wrongful death claims, divorce and bankruptcy services, professional liability claims, employee fraud engagements, criminal tax cases, arbitration and mediation services, and expert witness testimony.

Developing and Managing a Litigation Services Practice
Brinig, Gladson, Harcourt Brace Professional Pub., January 2000

Publication provides practical guidance for litigation services practitioners, with topics covered in the text including staffing and managing a practice, communicating effectively with attorneys and clients, preparing for depositions, serving as an expert witness, common problems and pitfalls encountered by litigation services practitioners, and applicable professional standards and court case decisions.

Litigation Support Report Writing: Accounting, Finance, and Economic Issues
Friedman, Weil, Wiley, 2003

Collection of eighteen sample reports included in this guide covers a wide range of litigation reporting topics (e.g., business valuation, employment litigation, family law, intellectual property, and securities litigation), with each chapter including an actual litigation report that was submitted to a court with the party names and other identifiable information changed in order to anonymize the sample document.

Writing and Defending Your Expert Report: The Step-by-Step Guide with Models
Babitsky, Mangraviti, SEAK, Inc., 2002

Comprehensive text provides guidance on writing and defending an expert report, with topics covered
in the guide including report formatting, disclosing documents reviewed, stating expert's qualifications, detailing factual assumptions, stating opinions and conclusions, superfluous language that should not be included, using quotes and references to bolster a report's credibility, and red-flag words to avoid.

How to Write an Expert Witness Report
Babitsky, Mangraviti, Donovan, SEAK, Inc., 2014

Report writing guide provides practical advice and hundreds of examples of what to do and what not do in writing an expert report, with topics covered in this book including documenting report contents and expert qualifications, using charts and tables to enhance the report, how to properly express an opinion, techniques that can be used to make a report persuasive, and quality controlling the report.

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