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The following guide provides information on books and publications which focus on business valuation for marital dissolution purposes. Each entry below includes the name of the source or publisher, a brief description of the resource's primary features, and notes any information that is available free online.

Select from the following resources:

The Handbook for Divorce Valuations
Robert E. Kleeman, R. James Alerding, Benjamin D. Miller, Wiley Law Pub., 1999

Comprehensive handbook covers all aspects of the CPA's role in divorce proceedings, with topics covered in the handbook including collecting and analyzing relevant data, finding and using industry and comparable company information, choosing valuation methodologies, preparing for depositions and trials, putting forth the best effort on direct examination, and surviving the cross examination.

Valuation Strategies in Divorce
Robert D. Feder, et al., Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, updated annually

Looseleaf publication provides guidance on valuation methodologies, techniques, and strategies for all types of marital assets, with assets covered in the guide including closely-held business interests, professional practices, pensions, retirement accounts, real estate, personal property, vehicles, art collections, jewelry, and professional licenses and degrees. Table of contents is available online.

Valuing Specific Assets in Divorce
Robert D. Feder, et al., Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, updated annually

Looseleaf companion publication to "Valuation Strategies in Divorce" provides detailed information on how to evaluate specific types of marital assets such as closely-held businesses, real estate assets, and personal property; the particular accounting and financial conventions that affect the income from an asset and the value of the asset; and the rules, regulations, and issues peculiar to a specific asset.

Valuing Professional Practices and Licenses: A Guide for the Matrimonial Practitioner
Ronald L. Brown (Editor), Wolters Kluwer, updated annually

Comprehensive valuation guide contains over 45 chapters focused on valuing professional practices, degrees, and licenses for divorce purposes, with professions covered in the guide including attorneys, accountants, architects, engineers, physicians, and dentists. Detailed table of contents, section index, selected excerpts, and searchable text can be viewed free online using the "Google Preview" feature.

BVR's Guide To Personal v. Enterprise Goodwill
Business Valuation Resources, LLC

Comprehensive guide to personal versus enterprise goodwill includes featured articles from leading experts and digests of important court cases with online access to full-text case decisions. Table of contents sections include definitions and background, case law, methodology, celebrity goodwill, webinar transcripts, and court case abstracts, with detailed table of contents available free online.

BVR’s Business Valuation in Divorce Case Law Compendium
Business Valuation Resources, LLC

Comprehensive legal resource provides in-depth coverage of key divorce and business valuation cases, and includes summary tables for easy reference by case name, type of case, date, court, and state/jurisdiction as well as online access to all of the full court opinions of the cases featured in the compendium. Detailed table of contents and introductory section can be viewed free online.

PPC's Guide to Business Valuations
Practitioners Publishing Company, updated annually

Three-volume set includes a chapter which focuses on divorce valuation engagements, with topics covered in this chapter including challenges of divorce engagements, marital and separate property, standards of value and valuation dates, pre-engagement and planning phase, data gathering and analysis phase, goodwill issues, reporting and wrap-up, and important divorce case decisions.

PPC's Guide to Divorce Engagements
Practitioners Publishing Company, updated annually

Single volume guide addresses the CPA's role in a wide range of divorce-related areas, such as valuations of closely held businesses and professional practices, tax planning and compliance work, alimony and child support discussions, marital property negotiations, forensic examination services, and expert witness issues, and is updated annually for the latest tax and professional developments.

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