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The following guide features online directories for professionals providing business brokerage services in the U.S., Canada, and other countries.

International Business Brokers Association, Inc.
Find A Business Broker

The IBBA is a trade association for business brokers and other business intermediaries which offers the CBI (Certified Business Intermediary) and M&AMI (Merger and Acquisition Master Intermediary) certifications to members who have met its examination, education, and experience requirements. Its member directory is searchable by name, company/brokerage, geographic location, and certification.

BVR Guides and Books
Find A Business Intermediary

BVR provides an online directory of business brokers who have registered as data contributors, with the directory searchable by name, location, and industry specialty, and information provided for each listing including firm name, association memberships, professional designations, industry specialties, web site and e-mail address, phone number, street address, state/province, zip code, and country.

Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors
Member Directory

AM&AA members represent buyers and sellers of businesses ranging from $5 million to $500 million in transaction value. Its member directory is searchable by name, company name, and location, with information provided for each listing including company name, position, web site and e-mail address, phone number, summary professional biography, areas of particular expertise, and street address.

GlobalBX Business Exchange
Professionals Directory

GlobalBX's professionals directory lists business brokers by state and country from its network of over 6,000 professionals, with information provided for each broker listing including company name, phone number, street address, state, and country. The directory page also includes an "Articles & Resources" section that provides links to articles that address how to select and work with a broker.

For more information on the business brokerage profession, see:

The Complete Guide to Business Brokerage
Business Brokerage Press, Inc.

Comprehensive guide covers the various aspects of operating a brokerage firm, with topics covered in the guide including an introduction to the business, how the numbers work, fees and commissions, obtaining and pricing listings, marketing the business, working with buyers and sellers, closing the sale, facility location and layout, recruiting personnel, and office management and administration.

The Business Broker's Resource Handbook
Business Brokerage Press, Inc.

Reference guide provides practical guidance, tools, and resources for business brokers, with content sections covered in the guide including the listing process, buying a business, closing the sale, pricing and valuation methods, business brokerage issues, and benchmarking a brokerage firm. Included with the handbook is a CD-ROM containing forms and worksheets commonly used by business brokers.

Business Brokerage Industry Survey
Business Brokerage Press, Inc.

Annual survey provides insights on current issues and trends affecting the brokerage profession, and includes information on financial and operating performance measures such as average number of listings sold in the most recent year, average period between listings and sales, commission rates, upfront fees, monthly advertising expenditures, and estimated first-year earnings for new brokers.


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