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Business Valuation Legal and Tax Resources

This free online guide provides sources for legal and tax resources focused on business valuation issues and related topics, with information provided for each resource including a description of its primary features and any information that is available free online.


Searchable online database contains over 3,900 state and federal case digests and full-text cases dealing with business valuation issues such as discounts for lack of marketability, control premia, the effect of taxes in S corporations, embedded capital gains taxes, standards of value in divorce, reasonable compensation, statutory fair value appraisals, and reasonable certainty of lost profits.

United States Tax Court Opinions

Free online database provides access to full-text Tax Court, memorandum, and summary opinions, with search criteria including date range, case name keywords (e.g., petitioner's last name), judge, type of opinion (e.g., TC opinion, memorandum, and summary), and text search, and with search results sorted alphabetically by case name or by effective release date based on user preference.

Banister Financial, Inc. - Business Valuation Cases

Relevant court decisions and IRS Revenue Rulings are categorized by valuation topic, with topics covered including built-in capital gains tax liability, defined value clauses, fractional interests in real estate, life insurance and its impact on valuations, personal vs. corporate goodwill, preferred stock, restricted stock options, and nonvoting shares. All referenced documents are available free online.

Business Valuation and Taxes: Procedure, Law, and Perspective
Laro, Pratt, Wiley, 2nd edition, 2011

Comprehensive resource addresses the laws, approaches, and procedures relevant to valuations for federal estate, gift, and income tax purposes, with topics covered in the text including valuation standards and approaches, valuing controlling and minority ownership interests in S corporations and other pass-through entities, personal vs. enterprise goodwill, and shareholder level discounts.

BVR's Guide to Business Valuation Issues in Estate and Gift Tax
BVR Guides and Books

BVR guide includes articles from leading experts on topics such as IRS challenges to family limited partnerships and limited liability companies, pass-through entity discounts for built-in capital gains tax liability, and recent valuation cases and rulings; conference and teleconference transcripts and presentations; and a summary table of court cases along with abstracts for each of these cases.

BVR's Business Valuation Issues in Estate and Gift Tax: Case Law Compendium
BVR Guides and Books

Print publication with accompanying CD provides over 200 case abstracts and full-text opinions for cases involving estate and gift tax valuations, with reference features including a summary table that lists the cases alphabetically along with the date, court, jurisdiction, judge, and additional comments and a searchable CD index that allows users to search the full text of these opinions by key words.

BVR’s Business Valuation in Divorce: Case Law Compendium
BVR Guides and Books

Comprehensive resource provides in-depth coverage of key divorce cases that include a business valuation component, with cases organized into seven sections that cover topics such as goodwill, double dipping, fair value, tax affecting, and active and passive appreciation. "Look Inside" feature includes a detailed table of contents that lists the various cases covered in each of these sections.

PPC Guide to Business Valuations
Practitioners Publishing Company, annual updates

Chapter 10 of this three-volume set focuses on estate and gift tax valuations, with topics covered in this chapter including filing requirements, discount disclosure rules, valuation date, definition of value, premiums and discounts, company specific factors, gifts with restrictions and adjustment clauses, valuing preferred stock, IRS rulings and regulations, and important tax court decisions.


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