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Cost of Equity Capital

The following guide provides sources for cost of equity capital data and related data such as equity risk and size premiums, industry-level betas, and risk-free rates, with information provided for each resource including a brief description of its features and any information that is available free online.

Cost of Capital Navigator
Kroll, LLC

Online subscription service allows users to estimate the cost of capital for a user-specified valuation date using any or all of its cost of capital modules (U.S. cost of capital, U.S. industry benchmarking, international cost of capital, and international industry benchmarking), with data provided in the U.S. cost of capital module including equity risk and size premia, industry-level betas, and risk-free rates.

Cost of Capital Professional
BVR Guides and Books

Online platform provides equity risk and size premiums and industry-level betas for a user-specified date, with data sources including The Center for Research in Security Prices (equity risk premiums, decile size premiums), Dr. Asworth Damodaran (equity risk premiums, industry risk betas), Salvidio & Partners LLC (industry risk betas), and the Federal Reserve (risk-free rate based on bond yields).

Useful Data Sets
Aswath Damodaran, Stern School of Business at New York University

Comprehensive analysis of public market data provides detailed data sets for historical and implied equity risk premiums, country risk premiums, levered and unlevered betas by industry, total beta by industry, and weighted-average cost of capital by industry. Excel-based data sets are available free online for the U.S.A., Europe, China, India, Japan, other geographic regions, and on a global basis.

Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Report
Pepperdine University

Annual survey provides cost of capital data for various private capital market segments, with market participants covered by the survey including senior lenders, asset-based lenders, mezzanine funds, private equity firms, limited partners, venture capital firms, angel investors, investment bankers, and business brokers and appraisers. Archived surveys from prior years can be downloaded free online.

Rate of Return Study
Partnership Profiles, Inc.

Annual study provides detailed rate of return data that can be used to value noncontrolling interests in privately-held real estate entities using income valuation methods, with data provided for publicly-held real estate limited partnerships and real estate investment trusts covered in the study including expected rates of return for distributing, nondistributing, high-debt, and no-debt limited partnerships.

Investor Survey

Quarterly survey of appraisers, brokers, developers, investors, and lenders provides required rates of return, overall capitalization rates, and equity dividend rates for more than 30 types of properties, with properties covered including senior healthcare housing, lodging facilities, mobile home and RV parks, restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, industrial structures, and self-storage facilities.


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