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Business Valuation Books and Publications

The following sections list books and publications which focus on business valuation and related topics. Publications are organized by subject matter, with publications covering a broad range of valuation topics included under the "General Valuation Publications" subject heading.

Select the appropriate subject heading from the list below:

General Valuation Publications

Professional Practices

Estate and Gift Taxes

Limited Partnership Interests

Divorce and Marital Dissolution

Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Mergers and Acquisitions

Intangible Assets and Intellectual Property

Real Property Business Interests

Financial Reporting & Impairment Analysis

Fair Value In Shareholder Actions

Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreements

Valuation Discounts and Premiums

Litigation Support & Expert Witness Services

Lost Profits and Damages

BV Standards and Definitions

Sample Appraisal Reports

BV Journals and Newsletters

BV Articles, Papers, and Presentations


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