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Royalty Rates and License Fees

The following guide provides sources for royalty rates, licensing fees, and other related information. Each entry listed below includes the name of the source or publisher, a brief description of the resource and its primary features, and notes any information that is available free online.

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Subscription-based online service offers several comprehensive databases for use in valuing intangible assets and transfer pricing analysis. The "License Agreements Database" contains over 15,000 complete agreements with disclosed licensing rates and includes information on the licensor, licensee, description of intangible transferred, type of agreement, exclusivity, and territory covered. Other databases available from this service include "Global Company Financials", "Global Annual Reports", and "UNIDO Industrial Statistics".

IPRA, Inc.
Comprehensive guides address intangible asset pricing for technology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, and trademarks and copyrights, with information provided in each volume including detailed information on compensation terms (e.g., rates, fees, and milestone payments) and financial models which can be used to determine appropriate compensation (e.g., profit differential calculation, discounted cash flow analysis, and investment rate of return analysis). A list of the industries included in each publication is available online.

Licensing Royalty Rates
Battersby, Grimes, Walters Kluwer
Annual reference guide provides detailed information on licensing rate ranges for 1,500 products and services in ten categories (art, music, celebrity, character/entertainment, design/fashion, sports, event, corporate/brand, collegiate, and not-for-profit) based on information from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, with suggested ranges listed alphabetically by licensed product and service and by trademark class. Summary description and detailed table of contents for this guide can be viewed free online. Intellectual Property Database
AUS Consultants, Inc.
Searchable database of technology, software, trade name, trademark, brand, and copyright sale and licensing transactions provides information on licensee and licensor, industry description or code, property licensed or sold, royalty payments, other compensation arrangements (e.g., milestone or upfront payments), transaction terms (e.g., exclusivity, geographic restrictions), type of transaction (e.g., arm's length, related party), and source of information (e.g., SEC regulatory fillings, news articles, and company press releases).

ktMINE Royalty Finder Database
Online subscription database allows users to search over 15,000 full-text licensing agreements by keyword, filing company name, licensor, licensee, effective date, SIC code, agreement type, territory, exclusivity,  industry, and compensation terms. Free "Resource Guide" and "Deal Structure Study" which provide information on recent trends in payment structures for selected industries (e.g., consumer products, pharmaceuticals, software, telecommunications, and chemicals) are available via e-mail with registration.

IntangibleSpring Database
Subscription-based online service provides a contextualized database of thousands of license agreements derived from U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and Canadian SEDAR filings which allows users to search for comparable data that can be used for valuing intangible assets and transfer pricing analysis. The database includes full-text agreements for all types of intangible assets and is searchable by full-text keyword, licensor, licensee, type of agreement, licensing rate, date, industry, exclusivity, and territories.

Royalty Rates in Copyright Agreements: A BVR Guide to Full-Text Licensing Agreements
Business Valuation Resources, LLC, 2010
Comprehensive reference guide features over 800 pages of copyright agreements and summaries for various types of intellectual properties including music compositions and recordings; famous persons; fictional characters; key scientific and technological information; art; TV programs; infomercials; motion pictures, screen plays, and other dramatic works; publishing, video, and web content; and consumer video games. Detailed table of contents which identifies specific intellectual properties can be viewed free online

Royalty Rates in Biotech: A BVR Guide to Full-Text Licensing Agreements
Business Valuation Resources, LLC, 2010
Comprehensive reference guide provides over 500 pages of full text copies of actual licensing agreements for intellectual property rights in the biotechnology industry, with topics covered including valuation methods, rules of thumb, four levels of biotechnology licensing agreements, license fees based on gross sales, license fees based on net sales before and after 2001, and license fees based on net sales where the licensor is a college or university. Detailed table of contents which identifies specific agreements is available online.

The Licensing Letter
Plain Language Media, LLLP
Reports available from this publisher include the "Royalty Trends Report", "Licensing Business Databook", "Sports Licensing Report", and "Food/Beverage Licensing Report".

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